UKU; clay/white clay/pottery 
Nau mai, haere mai

My aim is to create work that beautifully reflects 

our connection with the natural world.


Born in Manutuke, Gisborne, I am of Maori (Rongowhakaata) descent. 
I have a strong connection with Papatūānuku, which ties into my original Tauranga Place and that reflects strongly in my processes of making.
My clay of choice is often wild and my combustables are collected and fired locally in the area in which the clay is harvested.
I am aligned with traditional firing methods such as raku, wood and pit which harness's the elements such as earth, fire and water. I feel these ancient methods imparts a powerful energy within the work that remains.
I have enjoyed spending several years developing unique techniques in the making of wall and wearable sculpture.
I have a science background in chemistry which has intergrated into my work, especially in the formulation of natural glazes.
Uku for me is part of the next generation of makers creating consciously, with care of our surrounding environment. 
Amanda Kemp